Exhibition curation and design


Interior design for a restaurant “Mamaday” located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The restaurant name “Mamaday” in Chinese is 嘛嘛地, which implies everything in the restaurant is so-so, not very good, and not too bad. As the restaurant is opening the fourth branch in Hong Kong, the restaurant owner would like to keep the original style of the restaurant and to add new elements to be more playful and fun. We integrated the idea of arts and handcraft as the main idea. The restaurant has two floors and approximately 3000sq ft. We have divided two floors into the theme “Bad Day” for the first floor and “Good Day” for the second floor.

On the first floor, for example, we have broken the colour tiles which were originally used for interior construction and made it as a mosaic wall. And we have also picked some elements that people will normally do on a bad day, then we build a wall using wine cork.

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